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Lead's Oration
    Shandong Liaocheng E Hua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and management of pharmaceutical excipients and food additives. Company adheres to the mission of “For the cause of human health, leading the industry development”. Relying on Pharmaceutical Excipients Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province and the Pharmaceutical Excipients Municipal Key Laboratory of Liaocheng City, the company to continuously innovative technology and improve the quality standards and lead industry development. The company always adhere to the " creating the brand by continuous improvement, keeping healthy by making competitive products ", and provides refined and personalized product services around the needs of customers. The technical team provided a comprehensive technical service support to customers.
    Around the survival by quality and develop by innovation, the customer satisfaction is the goal of company. The company has established a quality assurance system from raw material purchase, production process, quality inspection and marketing process. Production has fully realized the automation, mechanization, intelligent management.  Product quality was controlled, and technology and quality standards leading industry. The company established a high level of quality management and technical services team, established a national marketing network and international trade channels.
    The employees of E Hua Pharmaceutical are positive and full of passion, having dream and the sense of mission and responsibility. They are striving for human health and the rise of Chinese pharmaceutical excipients with wisdom, hard-working and industrious.
    I sincerely invite all cooperative partners and guests to visit and exchange with our company, to seek cooperation and coordinated development.

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Email:[email protected]
Address:1 wei yubei road, liaocheng city
  • Telephone: 0635-6057056
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 1 wei yubei road, liaocheng city
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